Automating Various Technologies

Hello everybody, Today is the world of Automation.

Automation lets you to do the work quickly and deliver the product easily.

I have created an application which has automated many work related to AWS Cloud, Linux Administration Task, Big Data Hadoop, Docker , etc.

Just click the button corresponding to the task you need to do and the application will take care of all the work.

It is also not just limited to work on local computer. You can do remote login to another computer and you will be able to do the task remotely too.

The Programming Language used for creating this Application is Python.

The module used for running the commands is os module of Python.

The various things the application can do are:

  1. Find Date
  2. Check Calender
  3. Configure Apache Web Server
  4. Create a new user
  5. Create a new file
  6. List the hard disks present
  7. Check if a software is present
  8. Install any software
  9. Launch any docker container
  10. Configure Hadoop Cluster
  11. List all the AWS Instances
  12. Create and run a AWS Instance
  13. Attach EBS Volume to an EC2 Instance
  14. Create, format and mount a Partition in a Virtual Hard Disk
  15. Create a S3 Bucket
  16. Upload a file to a S3 Bucket
  17. Create a CloudFront Distribution


  1. Application will first take the password of the User

If the password will be correct, it will be accepted , else not.

2. Will ask if the user wants to do the task locally or remotely.

If remotely, it will ask for the IP Address and its password. Only then, it will be authenticated.

3. Menu will be displayed.

4. Whatever the user will select, that work will be done automatically.

GitHub Link:

Hope you liked it!!

Thanks a lot

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